QuirkAudio offers upgrade services to a number of amplifiers and components.

Currently we offer an upgrade service to NAD 2200 amplifiers which includes:

  • all new electrolytic capacitors(inc. Power supply capacitors)- Nichicon & Elna Audio quality and low impedance as applicable
  • New input IC’s- Low noise Audio specific
  • Additional capacitance at critical places in the circuit for enhanced dynamics
  • Replacement of critical ceramic capacitors
  • New relays
  • Full testing, aligning and servicing
  • new front panels with original logo if required

We also upgrade Onkyo A7 amplifiers which includes:

  • All new electrolytic capacitors- Nichicon Audio and low impedance types asĀ  applicable
  • Upgrading of main power supply capacitors to 27,000ufv 100v units
  • Replacement of transistors in line pre amp section with modern low noise types
  • New Power supply diodes with modern fast types
  • Replacement of low value electrolytic capacitors with WIMA film capacitors
  • Replacement of certain ceramic capacitors with film types where applicable
  • Full testing, aligning and servicing

Overviews and pictures may be found in the blog section of this site

Please contact us for costs and shipping estimates

We also undertake upgrading and servicing of other units, please contact us at peter@quirkaudio.com.