QuirkAudio renovates and upgrades hi fi equipment to create unique pieces, where each one has been carefully brought up to at least its original specification, and in some cases beyond.

One aspect of quality audio is the underlying circuit, another the quality of components used and a third the actual performance of the unit. The 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s saw the pinnacle of consumer audio equipment, with many companies competing to fill homes with stereo music equipment. These were the days of vinyl and early CD and FM radio – analog salad days indeed.

Records were recorded and mastered to tape (24 track and 1/2″) and then mastered to vinyl, all of which required not only technical knowledge, but an “ear” and some artistic and creative talent even in the technical domain.

Many of these components , from Japanese manufactured brands including Marantz, Pioneer, Kenwood, Luxman, NAD and others provided the mainstay of consumer electronics, the British of course had “eclectic” down to an art form, such as Quad, Rogers, Leak, Sugden and others and the Americans produced some of the monsters of their time, McIntosh, Audio Research, Dynaco, Hafler, APT and more.

Many of these units are still around, 50 years or more attesting to their intrinsic quality

It is my pleasure to restore and upgrade them so that other generations may hear “real” audio- not compressed, nor digitally modified- just the music that was recorded as the musicians, producers and engineers intended.

Our founder, Peter Williams, has been involved with audio and electronics since his teens, working in electronics, hi-fi and professional audio as a recording engineer and producer at some of the worlds best studio facilities.

please feel free to contact us at peter at Quirkaudio dot com.

also you may find me at audiokarma (pwauk12) and on ebay as quirkaudio

The Lab

analog and digital test gear