I wanted to share some of the comments made by our customers on the work that is undertaken on their equipment. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and joy when a customer writes and tells me of the pleasure they are enjoying from their upgraded and refurbished equipment or a piece they have purchased from us. All these comments have been extracted from emails have been sent to us unsolicited.

Harry- APT Preamp and power amp

“Peter used good quality parts and tested the units thoroughly after modifying them. He provided regular updates during the process as well. I received the amp and preamp about a week ago and couldn’t be happier. The amplifier runs a pair Acoustat 1+1 electrostatic loudspeakers, which are a difficult load with wide impedance swings. The electronics are completely unfazed, and they sound better than any thing else I have tried. They are utterly transparent, dynamic, natural and organic sounding— akin to the real thing. 

Ordinarily, I use tube amplification and I’ve tried amplifiers of all types – from powerful push-pull tube units to expensive OTL and big solid-state mono blocks —but none have sounded better than the modified Apt electronics that Peter overhauled. He is a fine gentleman as well, and I couldn’t be happier with my system. It is the finest I’ve had, at any price.“

Will – APT preamp

“The preamp is settling  in nice and I love it! I love my APT. I’ve owned Bryston BP25, Myryad MP100, Odyssey Tempest, & AR SP9 and this beats them all! 

John – NAD 2700 poweramp and 1130 preamp

“It feel it sounds much improved and I’m really enjoying it. You obviously do excellent work and the combination of the upgraded 2700 and 1130 for a total investment of less than a $1,000 makes it well worth it.”

Griff- NAD 2200

“Masterful work. On an initial listen, the amp sounds great. Really makes me happy that the amp is signing (sp) beautifully.”

GK- NAD 2700

“I had the chance to set up the NAD 2700 over the weekend and try it with a variety of music.  I don’t have enough experience with this quality of audio to use all the right audiophile words to describe what I heard, so all I can really say is that it sounds great!  Instruments seem to be sharper and more clearly defined than before.  Voices seem to have more presence.  Since I am not actually A/B testing, these are my impressions after listening for several hours (to the same music I have been listening to for years).  The more obvious problem related to the old relays (sound cutting out or low) is gone for sure.

So overall, I am very happy with your work and, just as important, with your superb communications throughout this process.  I have really appreciated the updates, photos, and advice you have provided over the past few weeks.  Thank you!”

John- NAD 3155

“Just sitting here listening to this NAD3155 that you restored for me.  Have a pair of Dynaco A-25 speakers with AntiCables wire.  I am truly amazed at how good this is.  Really enjoyable!”

Murray -NAD 2200

“Finally got the time and space to really drive this thing.   It’s amazing to hear how much cleaner the signal sounds with sh**loads of  power.  Man.  Sounds great.   Really notice it in bass and cymbals”

Ken- Superphon Basic

“just to let you know, the preamp sounds great. It couples well with my Scott LK-48. Live recordings have a feeling of “air,” and piano sounds more like the percussion instrument that it is. Cymbals shimmer. Separation and imaging are terrific, especially with my Triangle speakers. I’m sure some of this is new toy syndrome, but I’m just as sure that the Superphon is much improved over it’s already excellent self. Thanks so much for your wonderful work! “