Here are some of the recordings that I worked on…a few years ago. And at this link to Discogs there is a more complete discography (foe which I am indebted to Steve Brown for sorting out!)I

I worked as the recording engineer on this album, with Steve Nye producing. It was recorded at Jam Studios in London (the old Decca 3 studios). If memory serves it was a Harrison desk, Studer A800 and UREI 813 monitors
This was also recorded at Jam Studios with Steve Nye producing and I engineered.
This was recorded in Berlin and London, I engineered and contributed to the production
I think this was recorded at Jam and mixed at Air-Steve Nye produced and I engineered
This was recorded at a residential studio in Sussex, again Steve produced and I engineered

Recorded in London at Riverside studios, with a 3M 16 track, an MCI Desk (?) and JBL monitors. Alan Tarney produced and taught me what makes a popular song!